Building your own Home? Addition? Remodel? Or Major home improvement?

Are you looking for a Guide, a System, a Book, a Self help tool, an all inclusive easy to follow method which will enable you to build your new home like a professional?

Can you follow a simple flowchart?

If yes, then continue, because your going to see the most incredibly complete and easy to follow guide, which is in fact, a Flowchart. Of course there are hundreds of pages of details, cost break down forms, computer generated spread sheets, visual details, bank forms, examples, schedule systems, a CD with forms you can print out, and plenty of advice too, all in one complete package. You can contact me at

I am a retired builder from Portland Oregon. I recieved my license in 1981 but got started in building while in high school in 1972. I started developing this book or system over 20 years ago. I’m not slow, but this system is very detailed and was difficult to organize into an easy format for laypersons to understand, and while building houses is time consuming in itself, so also is, writing a book of this type while holding down two full time jobs.

My Vision for This Web Site

1.)To be a central hub of information for all people interested in building their own homes or remodels and additions.

2.)To provide you with internet links to informative web sites and suppliers that you may need to accomplish your construction projects.

3.)To supply you with current industry information which you may need, and find helpful.

4.)To provide a forum for us all to communicate with each other about the varying subjects involved in construction.

5.)And finally to provide you with helpful information which I have learned in my 30+ years of experience.

This is a lofty goal of mine, but one which I believe I can accomplish in the coming years. I have become somewhat experienced using computers, the internet, and various software programs while running my business and developing this construction manual. My son can now run the business while I run the website. I like it better this way, I don’t get cold or wet in the winter, or hot and sweaty in the summer, unless of course I help him, which I do from time to time. By the way, I do have the complete system available for $100.00 and I offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Please check back occasionally for updates which may be beneficial to you or your friends.

As of September 6th 2013 I am still dragging my feet on this website, but I anticipate a huge update and change the first part of 2014.

One person wrote me this kind letter just recently; “I am working on my Doctorate degree in construction management, I have piles and piles of books and manuals, but yours is the best, you should teach this stuff as a Professor at the University level, as it is the best dissertation material I have ever seen.”

You can contact me at

The flowchart is intentionally blurry on the website, without the accompanying manuals the flowchart would just cause confusion. Thanks for your patience.

John Aarness